#BrooksBooks Tonight, Integral Seminar Friday

2021 has been a busy year! I wanted to briefly share a few things happening this week.

Tonight is the first #BrooksBooks reading group with The Michael Brooks Legacy Project. For patrons of TMBSFM, we’re hosting a Zoom call with Lisha Brooks and Jacobin editor Luke Savage to talk about Against the Web.

There are still a few spots left for the Integrales Forum seminar starting this Friday (March 12) at 2 pm ET / 11 am PT. This is a six-part lecture series on the life and work of Jean Gebser and some of my takes on where integral thinking and cultural philosophy may apply in the present. It’s more off the cuff and geared towards a German speaking audience, but I will be lecturing in English.

Many of you are already registered for the annual Gebser course (via Nura Learning), but if that wasn’t your thing, or if you prefer a live seminar format, please do check this out. Cordula Frei will be assisting me with translating questions and answers, so this may be especially preferable for German speakers. Also, please just reach out to me if money is an issue.

Mutations is on Clubhouse! And so is Integral Leadership. Connect with me there if you’re on iOS.

More soon, such as upcoming Mutations and PCC Forum chats with Sean Kelly about Becoming Gaia (e-book version now available, by the way!), Integral Imprint’s first book, a new conversation with Mark Vernon, and a chat with Andrew McLuhan of The McLuhan Institute.

That’s all for now! Back to the word processor…


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