Stoa Talk Recording + Pop-Up Integral Salon

Watch the "Transcending Cancel Culture Critique" talk and join me tomorrow for an additional Zoom Q&A.

Dear readers,

My Stoa talk from yesterday, “Transcending Cancel Culture Critique: An Integral Left w/ Jeremy Johnson,” just went live. Thanks again to Peter Limberg and the thoughtful Stoa community for their engaging questions.

You can watch it here:

Audio version coming soon.

Follow-Up Q&A Call

During the call, I received a lot of thoughtful questions that we just didn’t have enough time to get into. Participants expressed interest in a follow-up Q&A, so let’s do another “pop-up” integral salon tomorrow, Thursday (8.27.20) to dig in or follow up.

You can get the info on my Patreon (if you’re a patron), on my Discord, or on the Stoa’s Discord channel. Otherwise, please DM me on Twitter/Facebook, or send me a quick email.

Zoom info (on Patreon)

Thanks and see you tomorrow!



Reading recommendations

A few questions were about books. I recommended Harvey J. Kaye’s Take Hold of Our History: Make America Radical Again, Richard Wolff’s Understanding Socialism and Democracy at Work, and Tomas Björkman’s The Nordic Secret: A European Story of Beauty and Freedom. The latter text explores how the principle of “bildung” is historically woven into Nordic institutions. I’d also highly recommend Adolph Reed’s Class Notes and David Harvey’s A Brief Guide to Neoliberalism.


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