The Election

Join me Thursday on Radio Evolve for an integral perspective on US politics.

Hello friends,

Here in the United States we wait, with bated breath, for votes to be counted and the 46th president to be announced. Thomas Steininger kindly invited me to appear on Radio Evolve tomorrow to discuss the election results — wherever they might land — and layout an integral analysis of a fractured political landscape.

Please join me for, “The World Holds its Breath: The US Elections,” Thursday at 1 pm ET / 10 am PT / 6 pm UCT.

The event will be live-streamed here on YouTube.

After the conversation, Radio Evolve will be hosting an open forum discussion via Zoom.

Open Group Dialogue (After Interview)

Join the Q&A:
Meeting ID: 539 786 171

Thomas writes,

As I write these lines, the polling stations in the USA are open. The outcome is uncertain. And it is especially uncertain what will happen if the election is contested. Will there will be riots? Will President Trump encourage heavily armed militias to take to the streets?

This will be an historic choice, not only for America but for the whole world. Will the Americans find a way out of Trumpism? How can the hostile camps find a common democratic foundation again? And what is an integral response to this deadlocked situation?

Jeremy Johnson is the founder Nura Learning, an online platform for transformational education and the president of the International Jean Gebser Society. Living in Saint Petersburg, Florida, he is an integral thinker who has closely observed the political turmoil of the last years in the USA.

In Radio evolve this week, Thomas Steininger talks with Jeremy Johnson about the elections in the USA. Afterwards, at 9 pm, they will dialogue with listeners about how an integral perspective can find answers to the extraordinary situation facing American and the world no matter who wins.

Recent Talks

Growing Down podcast has been busy. Check out our chat with Mike Gilliland and Euvie Ivanova on Smart Villages, Politics and Desire with Maybe Grey, The Great American Trip with Matt Segall, and finally, if you’re curious (and have the inclination and desire), peruse last night’s election Twitch livestream.

One more thing: a Mutations/Growing Down cross-over. Ben Burgis, author of Give Them an Argument: Logic for the Left, Canceling Comedians While the World Burns: A Critique of the Contemporary Left, Jacobin contributor, and host of GTAA (Give Them an Argument) show joined us to talk about canceling comedians, the future of the left, and democratizing work. We also touched on how the cosmopolitan socialism of Michael Brooks factors into that future.

If you’re looking for just the audio version, check it out here.

Coming Up

Starting this month (November) I’m scheduling out some new talks for the Mutations community (which, thank you patrons, has seen a recent bump of listeners/supporters and has allowed me to expand these offerings).

First up, continuing the critical inquiry into the democratization of work and cultural evolution, is a conversation with Michel Bauwens, founder of the P2P Foundation and co-author of Peer to Peer: The Commons Manifesto.

Please tune in for this conversation on November 19 at 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT.

More talks, including open community Zoom calls, are getting scheduled out shortly. It’s really exciting to see Mutations evolve (OK, pun intended) not only as a discussion salon and a podcast but a growing hub of intellectually curious researchers and sense-makers exploring the “shape” of the future.

More updates as they come.

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