Join me tonight on Zoom, hosted by the PCC program at CIIS.
An online course with J.F. Martel, Ursula K. LeGuin, and the Integral Practitioner Convergence.
2021 has been a busy year! I wanted to briefly share a few things happening this week. Tonight is the first #BrooksBooks reading group with The Michael…
Gebser course launch, Integral Imprint books, ILR and Perspectiva offerings.
Reflections on the Chomsky interview, new podcasts, and events this week.
Michel Bauwens on the commons and cultural evolution (Nov. 10). Barbara Karlsen and Brandt Stickley discuss "The Aperspectival Body" (Nov. 24).
Join me Thursday on Radio Evolve for an integral perspective on US politics.
TMBS interview, Zak Stein, and becoming planetary.
Rune Soup podcast appearance, interview with Tomas Björkman and new Mutations design reveal.
Life on Venus, and other Mutations.
New course offering. Next appearances.
Watch the "Transcending Cancel Culture Critique" talk and join me tomorrow for an additional Zoom Q&A.