About Jeremy and Mutations Salon

Jeremy is an author (Seeing Through the World: Jean Gebser and Integral Consciousness), publisher (Revelore Press), editor (Integral Leadership Review) and integral philosopher. He is a co-founder of Liminal News and Metapsy: Journal of Consciousness, Literature and Art. Jeremy has written as a contributing editor for Reality Sandwich magazine, OMNIDisinformation, Evolve Magazine, and Kosmos Journal. His academic research, writing, and publishing advocates new forays into integrative thinking and praxis—aligning the scholastic, poetic, and spiritual—as existentially crucial work for pathfinding in a time of planetary crisis. Jeremy currently serves as president for the International Jean Gebser Society and is working on his second book, Fragments of an Integral Future (2021). 

Mutations” is a podcast, a Patreon community, and a mutual learning hub featuring conversations at the end of history and the beginning of the Anthropocene. 

Mutations explores the phenomenology of the present in order to cohere latent futures. We inhabit a time between times, between worlds—what are the emergent potentials, articulated visions, or, in a word, ‘mutations’ that can help us to pathfind our way into the future? What forms of integrative thinking and being are required for this leap?